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Dust control with calcium chloride

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  • Malls, Parking Lots

We do not use salt, but Calcium Chloride, a safe, natural product that will not harm plants or fish bearing streams. Calcium chloride is an environmentally safe product used for dust abatement. It is naturally mined and is effective in limiting dust on roadways.

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Compared with other substances used in dust control, calcium chloride is not only environmentally friendly, but is economical and effective.

Although there is no environmental impact in using water as a dust suppressant, research shows water will only control dust for up to 12 hours due to its evaporation rate. This results in greater operating costs.

Calcium chloride, in contrast, lasts longer than water because it doesn’t evaporate; rather it is hydroscopic, drawing in moisture and retaining it. Calcium chloride is environmentally safe as well, due to its low corrosion rate.

Liquid Calcium Road De-icer

Our supplier has developed a line of calcium chloride road de-icer products that work hard through winter’s harshest temperatures. The anti-icing, de-icing and ice melt properties of these products are effective yet environmentally-friendly, creating less impact than commonly used magnesium chloride or rock salt.

Anti-icing, De-icing & Ice Melt with Corrosion-Inhibiting Properties

A de-iced SidewalkFor customers concerned about corrosion, we offer a variety of anti-icing and de-icing products with corrosion-inhibiting properties. Tiger Calcium’s products have a lower corrosion rate than rock salt or sodium chloride and are able to effectively melt snow and ice well below temperatures of -45?F, where salt becomes inefficient.

With the ability to eliminate snow and ice more efficiently than rock salt, sodium chloride, or magnesium chloride, Tiger Calcium’s road de-icer products provide the ideal solution to dangerous winter roads.

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