Dust Suppression

Gravel Road Dust Control & Soil Stabilization

All gravel roads give off dust under traffic. Dust not only reduces driver visibility but also causes road surface deterioration. Studies have shown that an untreated gravel road carrying 200 vehicles per day will experience the loss of 150 metric tonnes of aggregate per kilometer per year.

Users of dust control systems, specifically calcium chloride-based products, have reported a reduction of aggregate losses by as much as 75%.

The cost of dust control can more than pay for itself with the benefits of soil stabilization, reduced material loss and reduced need for blade maintenance.

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For larger jobs, Peterbuilt Truck (and pup unit where required) spraying for dust suppression.

Reduce Costs through Road Stabilization

Calcium chloride is one of the most commonly used erosion and dust control agents in Canada and the United States because of its high performance and low cost. Users of calcium chloride brine consistently report that the total unpaved road maintenance cost is reduced by 30-35%.

In contrast, industrial oil-based emulsion dust control systems deteriorate road bed and consume valuable aggregate resource.

Our Dust Control Systems:

  • Regulate moisture on road surfaces, giving them durability that results in a longer life span
  • Reduce pot-holing and rutting
  • Makes roads safer year round through road stabilization
  • Reduce aggregate loss by up to 75%
  • Significantly reduce the frequency and costs associated with regular grading
  • Help protect road bases from winter freezing and related frost heaving
  • Lower the freezing point of the moisture in road bases to nearly 60 degrees below zero
  • Create a road with cumulative and long-tasting protection of road base with minimal migration

Spray Units

5500 Dodge Roll Off spraying dust control. Great for smaller industrial, tighter spots and residential.

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