Say Good Bye to Winter! It's almost Spring 2016

March 3/2016. Well we were definately up in the middle of the night a few times over winter. Hustling to get the de-icing done and keep all those parking lots and sidewalks safe for you! We sure didn’t get much snow though. I suppose I should be careful with that one as it is only early March. I can say this though, and probably you too…enough rain already! Actually it does help to lessen the fears of summer water shortages. Hopefully none of that this year! My bulbs are all up, the greenhouse beds are planted and growing like mad already. Won’t be long and we can all start planting in our outdoor gardens!

If you had difficulties with ice this past winter call anytime if you would like to discuss de-icing for next winter. Meanwhile, if dust is your issue, call us to discuss dust control or for a free estimate.

Enjoy Spring!

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